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Welcome to the Ulster Project Oak Ridge Website

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Welcome to the
Ulster Project Oak Ridge,
Tennessee, USA

Our Twenty-Seventh Year of Working Towards Peace through Understanding, Communication, Bridge Building, and Interaction

We are still actively seeking teens to participate this summer.
For more information
contact John Hough at 865-405-5929.

Also view our Frequently Asked Questions and other links.

Please join us for our main fundraiser this year:

Ulster Fundraiser Poster

The intent of the Ulster Project is to break down the walls of intolerance and mistrust that exist in Northern Ireland. It was created through the efforts of like-minded peace seekers who strive towards the ultimate goal of creating a community of peace through fostering tolerance, understanding and friendship. The Ulster Project focuses on changing the perception of Ireland's youth by bringing them together in a strife-free atmosphere that emphasizes acceptance of all people, regardless of creed.

Hands across Divide - Derry

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